A Service of Prayer,
Remembrance and Peace

on the vigil of the centenary of the outbreak of WW1

Sunday, 3rd August 2014


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The display in front of the Altar -a rifle,
tin helmets, uniforms, mace and poppies. A Candle for Peace would be added during the service

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John McQueen

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Bill Thomson reads the 
Declaration of War

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Christopher Watt reads the first letter from the front - The Real State of Affairs

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Placing the flags of the nations on the altar

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Ann Murdy sings The Green Fields of France (The Ballad of Willie McBride) 
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John lays the Candle for Peace
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Kate McKay reads 
For the Fallen by 
Robert Laurence Binyon
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Star Murdy reads the Prayer for Peace
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Those at the service