St.Cuthbert's Way Walk,
23rd - 28th September 2013
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The route:
Melrose Abbey - Bowden - Newtown St Boswells - Dryburgh - Benrig Cemetery - St Boswells - Maxton - Dere Street - Ancrum - Battle of Ancrum Moor - Peniel Heugh - Jedburgh- Harestanes Visitor Centre - River Teviot - Monteviot House - Nisbet, Roxburghshire - Cessford - OxnamWater - Littledeanless - Cessford Moor - Cessford Castle - Morebattle - Kale Water - Mow - Town Yetholm - Kirk Yetholm - Hethpool - Elsdon Burn - Yeavering - Humbleton Hill - River Till - Doddington- Wooler - Beal - Lindisfarne (Holy Island) - Lindisfarne Priory - Lindisfarne Castle - Farne Islands.

The walk is named after Cuthbert, a 7th-century saint, a native of the Borders who spent his life in the service of the church. He began his work at Melrose Abbey. He achieved the status of Bishop, and when he died he was buried on Holy Island. He was called a saint eleven years after his death, when his coffin was opened and his remains found to be perfectly preserved.

Photos by Sean McKay
, Dave Buckley, John Donnelly   Click on a photo for enlarged version

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Make sure of the low tide times!

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28th September -
The coach party from Dumfries on the way to Holy Island to meet up with the walkers at 11.30am

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On 28th September, low tide was from 11.30am approx. until 8.45pm.

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Ready for the last leg - across the causeway to Holy Island

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Holy Island on left with Bamburgh Castle on horizon in the middle

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The ruins of Lindisfarne Priory

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End of the walk at the statue of St.Cuthbert!

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In the church (1)

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In the church (2)

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In the church (3)

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Father David welcomes everyone

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The walkers in front of the alter

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After the service, there was a picnic!
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Walkers and parishioners

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