A series of photographs of the production (and afterwards!)

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cross1.jpg (250366 bytes) churchview.jpg (193443 bytes) setup3.jpg (229984 bytes)
The lighting rig
setup2.jpg (272548 bytes)
Sound, camera, action!
soundsystem3.jpg (262753 bytes)
Sound and lighting control with
computer on right for video inserts
carrying the body.jpg (272802 bytes)
Mary was left holding the body!
group1.jpg (227352 bytes)
In rehearsal (1)
group2.jpg (239649 bytes)
In rehearsal (2)
group3.jpg (218484 bytes)
In rehearsal (3)
presentation1.jpg (217317 bytes)
Mary presents a 'thank you' gift to
Barbara and John Towell who
wrote and composed 'Faith Is the Key'
barbarajohn2.jpg (273678 bytes)
The gift, bought in the
Abbey shop on Iona during
the Pilgrimage
maryflowers2.jpg (207707 bytes)
Mary gets a thank you
christopher2.jpg (240645 bytes)
Christopher Watt, MD of the production,
was always borrowing pens during rehearsals,
so he was presented with a gold one!

  pinny.JPG (285944 bytes)
Nice pinny!